Of Mice And Men concert review

Hey lovelies,

I am so sorry, I didn't blog for quite a long time but I have been away for two mini vacays and furthermore I wanted to blog about something I find interesting :)

So... On tuesday, 29 April finally was the OMAM concert I have been waiting for 6 months. And what should I say? It was well worth it. 

The evening began with Beartooth as support. They were alright. No fancy band, but I quite liked them. As second support there was Issues. I liked them more because their music was more melodic. 

I had a really good place in the crowd as I could view directly into the backstage area =] and best of all, during the support acts I saw Austin watch them. It really was amazing to actually see the person live you admire. I am not someone who says, that a certain band saved my live. And if I would it would clearly not be OMAM (though I love them to death).

Anyway... At about 22.30 pm OMAM finally came on stage and started their show the Public Service Announcement. The atmosphere was incredible as we (the fans) sang along very loud. And I could see how much the band loved to perform. Clearly the highlights have been Second & Sebring, Bones Exposed and You Are Not Alone.

But I can't help but fangirl a bit: I think (and even if I only Imagines it) that Austin actually saw me and winked. I now this totally sounds pathetic but if you really look up to someone it is just pure amazement if this person actually sees you.


Austin watching Beartooth and Issues



The Pretty Reckless, March 27th in Berlin

hey lovelies :)
so yesterday was the concert of The Pretty Reckless in berlin. I expected them to be amazing... and got a bit disappointed! musicwise it was uh-mazing! they do sound live as good as they do on cd/ipod/whatever you use to listen to music. but they've overdone the coolness-thing.
Taylor walked on stage and in her bodylanguage you could read "I don't care, that you all love me. I am here for the music. and no way I am going to show I enjoy this attention." when I go to a show I don't just go because of the music but because I want to experience the people behind the music I love. but TPR didn't interact with their fans at all. I do not count "berlin, lets f*cking rock" as interaction. and then Taylor had her hair right across her face for the entire show.

but that's actually it about the negative things.
as I said the music was amazing. Taylors voice is just unbelievably good and the band works perfectly well together. here's the setlist:
  • follow me down
  • since you're gone
  • miss nothing
  • zombie
  • heaven knows
  • sweet things
  • cold blooded
  • my medicine
  • make me wanna die
  • going to hell
  • fucked up world
yes.. indeed.. only 11 songs. they played for about 50-55 minutes. not that much timewise but when they played... aaahh.. it sounded so! good! it really was a pleasure to listen to them live. 

but I stand really near the stage which was awesome as I really saw TPR perform. usually I just stay in the background and enjoy but yesterday I wanted to be close by.

here is a video from yesterday (not mine, credit goes to the uploader):
on a sidenote: the merchandise was totally reasonable. me, as a person who wants to have merch from every gig they've been, (which is, to be honest, A LOT) felt very lucky about the fact that all shirts were only 20 €.

well I don't know if I just have to accept the fact, that TPR are not like other acts concerning the fan-interaction or if they just had a bad day, but I guess when they come back to berlin, I will be there :)

at last, here are three pictures from yesterday. due to the light effects it was really hard to get good pictures though I wasn't that far behind.



Hello to everyone...

... whoever found this blog :)

with this blog I wanna share whatever comes to my mind: music, concerts/ shows, tattoos, movies and reviews of all kind . I do not plan to just write about one topic in particular because that would just not be me as I love so many things.

before I get started I wanna state that I decided to write this blog in english because I love this language so much and it just felt natural to begin with. BUT I am not a native Speaker. so however my english is far from perfect. but I want to learn to speak it perfectly :)

but first I want to introduce me: I am a 24 years old berlin girl. but as I love so many british things I feel like born in the wrong nationality. so please do not feel confused when I might talk about too much british things.

I do have a huge passion for music. I cannot imagine a life without it. I buy way to many music and concert tickets but never regret it. usually there is always a band or song that totally speaks my mind and cheers me up. my big big music love is Papa Roach. last year I was lucky to meet them and whenever I think about it my eyes get teary. but those are tears of absolute happiness. they inspire me so much that I decided to get my whole arme tattooed in proach-style.

as you will notice I love body modifications. for me they are not only some pictures on skin but the creative outcome of my thoughts as they usually represent something.

I do not have any kind of fashion sense.. but however I think I dress quite cute occasionally :) fashionwise I prefer cute jewellery. so I might show you some of my newest purchases with shop recommondations.

so if you want anykind of recommondations (make up, music, movies etc.) please feel free to leave your suggestions. I will check if that is something I would consider :)