Of Mice And Men concert review

Hey lovelies,

I am so sorry, I didn't blog for quite a long time but I have been away for two mini vacays and furthermore I wanted to blog about something I find interesting :)

So... On tuesday, 29 April finally was the OMAM concert I have been waiting for 6 months. And what should I say? It was well worth it. 

The evening began with Beartooth as support. They were alright. No fancy band, but I quite liked them. As second support there was Issues. I liked them more because their music was more melodic. 

I had a really good place in the crowd as I could view directly into the backstage area =] and best of all, during the support acts I saw Austin watch them. It really was amazing to actually see the person live you admire. I am not someone who says, that a certain band saved my live. And if I would it would clearly not be OMAM (though I love them to death).

Anyway... At about 22.30 pm OMAM finally came on stage and started their show the Public Service Announcement. The atmosphere was incredible as we (the fans) sang along very loud. And I could see how much the band loved to perform. Clearly the highlights have been Second & Sebring, Bones Exposed and You Are Not Alone.

But I can't help but fangirl a bit: I think (and even if I only Imagines it) that Austin actually saw me and winked. I now this totally sounds pathetic but if you really look up to someone it is just pure amazement if this person actually sees you.


Austin watching Beartooth and Issues