Carrie Bradshaw: My spirit animal.

Hello everyone :)

I don't know about you but I love Sex And The City. I didn't watch it right from the start as I was way too young when it first aired. But when I was old enough and when I found the dvd boxset for a very good deal I was hooked. But not only with the show. Above all with Carrie Bradshaw. To be honest, I think Carrie Bradshaw is my spirit animal as she represents most women.

Each of the girls represents one of the many stereotypes a woman can be:

  • The hopeless romantic - Charlotte York
  • The independent workaholic - Miranda Hopps
  • The very single single - Samantha Jones
  • The love seeking fashionista - Carrie Bradshaw

But why do so many women identify with Carrie? I do anyway. Let's have a look at her most famous quotes and why they are so true to (almost) every woman's life.

pic found on weheartit 

"Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be."

We usually have a certain image of us. And we have a vision of how we want to be. Reality and wish don't need to be too far apart but as everyone keeps evolving we always strive to be better. In order to become that we need to let go of what keeps us from changing.

"As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going."

I don't think there is one single person who doesn't get lost on this road called adulthood. It is not an easy way to take over responsibility and it can be super hard forming any kind of relationship, wether it be friendship or romance. And we usually get caught up with expectations or how it is supposed to be. I do anyway. Right now I am learning to enjoy and accept things as they are. And to be honest with you, life is so much easier that way.

"They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of style."

I don't think I need to explain this. I mean, friends come and go too but in the end, friendship is one of the most important things ever. And this doesn't change. Ever.

"You shouldn't have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else hast a problem with it."

Let's talk about dating. We all met someone that blew us aways. You get to know that person and you want him/ her to like you. Normally you don't agree on everything. And sometimes you get lost in the crush you have and change something that is quite natural to you. But honestly if you feel the need to change, this person isn't for you.

"Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first."

Selflove, people. Selflove is the key. If you don't love yourself how is someone else supposed to love you? And let me tell you from experience, if you are confident it makes you 100x more attractive. Not only in a sexual way but people love confident people. In each job world, while dating and just in life. Accept yourself the way you are and look past your flaws. You are beautiful and you must know that.

Lastly, Carrie always looks fabulous. I mean, do you remember the iconic beginning scene where she wears the light pink tulle skirt? For years I've been on the hunt for the perfect pink tulle skirt. Luckily tulle skirts are very on trend right now so chances are good I'm gonna find one soon xD

Do you love Carrie as much as I do? Or do you have any other fictional character that is your spirit animal?

Read ya soon :)



Birthday wishlist

Hello everybody :)

just as my birthday is only a month away I thought I'd share my birthday wishlist with you all. Be aware, it is short and sweet :)

And... for some of the things I'll put up links incase you might need some gift ideas.

  • Wonder Woman: The Art & Making of the Film (if you are interested)
  • Ani & Alex Wonder Woman Bangle see the collection here // bangle I'm eyeing up
  • Tickets to see P!NK & Papa Roach - I know I will get them as we already purchased
  • Vaiana/ Moana DVD - can you believe I haven't seen this movie yet?
  • Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshado Quad find here
  • Artificial plants for my apartment - I'm terrible with keeping plants alive :(
  • Sons of Anarchy Season 6 + 7
  • FaceTime with one of my friends who lives in Canada (pssst.. don't tell him lol)

As I get older my wishlist gets shorter xD But I'm glad I can actually reduce it to stuff I really want instead of stuff I just kinda like.

Next post will be my june favorites I'll probably gonna post on wednesday.

Til next time and have a good sunday :)



Where the heck have I been?

Hello @ all,

first off, I decided to not blog in two languages anymore. Mostly because I'm too lazy to translate :P

So... where the heck have I been? My last blogpost is from end of january-ish. To that time I was messaging with a guy that didn't do me good. I knew I had to get rid of him and to do that I decided to try tinder. long story short. I met another guy on there that totally got me. We met, we klicked and we messed it up big time. I was really heartbroken for a long time. And while I was devastated I didn't feel like blogging at all. It took me quite some time to get over the heartbreak but I got there. I'm good now.

What else have I been up to? I had to learn to love myself again. We all have times where we're fed up with ourself. And than we need to spent some quality time by ourself and do things we love. I was watching movies I love. And I changed the way I look. Not drastically just to the things I like best on me. I got two new tattoos and dyed my hair dark again. What also helped a lot was listening to music that made me dance (& I don't dance. ever.). But oh how did I dance through my apartment.

But what is literally the best medicine for a broken heart are friends and family. I was lucky enough to have friends I could talk to. And they distracted me. With going shopping, going out or just making me laugh. And I have been on vacation in Amsterdam wich was pretty damn cool.

And because I am getting old I also had to take care of my health. For about a year now I am having problems with my back. To fight that I've been going to the gym on a regular basis.

So as you can see I've been up to some things. But I promise I'm trying to get back into blogging. I don't know yet what direction I want this blog to take. Basically I don't want it to only be about one certain topic. I want to write what I want to write about. It's probably mainly be about beauty because it is something I love. So in order to make it authentic I'm not gonna stick to a strict schedule because I simply don't want to force myself to write.

Long story short: we'll see how it goes :D

Have a lovely time & until next time :)



Staying True To Yourself While Dating

English below! 

Hallo meine Lieben,

heute möchte ich über etwas schreiben, dass mich in meinem Leben immer und immer wieder beschäftigt: Dating! Dating macht Spaß, man lernt neue Leute kennen und verliebt sich im besten Fall. Es ist aufregend.. bis zur ersten Meinungsverschiedenheit. Dann stellt sich heraus, ob man wirklich miteinander kann. Denn nichts zeigt den Charakter eines Menschen mehr als wenn sie versuchen sich und ihre Meinung zu verteidigen. Streiten und Meinungsverschiedenheiten gehören zu jeder gesunden Beziehung dazu, sei es eine Freundschaft oder aber die Liebe. Ich persönlich bin sehr selbstbewusst und lasse mir ungern die Butter vom Brot nehmen. Leider zieht mich auch genau dieser Typ Mensch an. Wenn zwei dieser Charaktere aufeinander treffen wird es interessant. Selbstbewusstsein ist das eine, leider kommt damit auch oft Sturheit und in manchen Fällen sogar Arroganz. Ich war leider schon in solchen Situationen und finde es immer wieder schwierig die richte Balance zwischen 'das ist das streiten nicht wert, ich gebe nach' und 'das wird wohl so nicht funktionieren' zu finden. Dann ist es manchmal besser, sich solchen Beziehungen zu entziehen und wegzugehen - der mentalen Gesundheit wegen. Das ist nicht leicht, und deswegen zähle ich heute die Gründe auf, warum man es doch tun sollte:

  • Du bist es wert, dass jemand auch mal von seinem Standpunkt abweicht. Es gibt keinen Menschen, der immer Recht hat.
  • Solche Beziehungen sind giftig und zerstören dein Selbstbewusstsein.
  • Warum sollte sich eine schöne, erfolgreiche und selbstständige Person von jemand anderen herumkommandieren lassen? Du hast immer noch deine eigene Meinung.
  • Wenn deine Freunde so behandelt werden, was sagst du ihnen? Eben! Gebe dir selbst den gleichen Wert.
  • DU BIST ES WERT so gemocht und geschätzt zu werden wie du bist. Kein Mensch hat das Recht, dich und deine Meinung klein zu machen.
  • Ich wiederhole: Du bist eine Königin (oder König) und verdienst es, genau so behandelt zu werden.

Hello lovelies,

today I want to talk about something that is part of almost all of our lives: dating! Dating is fun, you meet new people and when you are lucky, you fall in love. It is exciting.. until you argue for the first time. Because then you'll see wether or not you fit together. Nothing shows the true character of a person than when they try to defend themselves and their opinion. Arguing is a normal part of every relationship, wether it be friendship or love. Personally, I am very confident and I know what I want. Unfortunately I am attracted to exactly that type person. And if two characters like that meet, that can be an explosive mixture. Confidence is one thing, often it is accompanied by stubbornness and seldomly with arrogance. I do find it pretty hard to find the right balance between 'that is not worth fighting, I'll just give in' and 'this is not gonna work'. Sometimes it is better to walk away from a situation like this - because of your mental health. It is not easy and that is why I tell you six reason to still do it:

  • You are worth it for someone to give in from time to time. There is no person in existence who is always right.
  • Relationships like those are toxic and destroy your confidence.
  • Why would a beautiful, successful and independent person let someone else tell what to be like or what to think? You are still you.
  • When your friends are being treated like that, what do you tell them?! Exactly! You are worth just as much.
  • YOU ARE WORTH IT to be liked and appreciated just the way you are. No one has the right to belittle you.
  • I repeat: you are a queen (or a king) and deserve to be treated just like that.


Me Time

Hallo meine Lieben,

du kennst das sicher, der Tag war mega anstrengend. Du fühlst dich in deiner Haut gerade überhaupt nicht wohl. Und du hast absolut keine Lust auf Socialising. Du willst nur noch in Ruhe Me-Time haben. Ich gönne mir das regelmäßig, denn ohne meine eigene persönliche Auszeit funktioniere ich gar nicht. Darum dachte ich, ich sag euch heute, was ich mache, wenn ich einfach nicht mehr ich selbst bin.

Hello lovelies,

you probably know how it feels when your days has been stressful until no end. You don't feel comfortable in your skin. And you don't feel like socializing at all. All you want is some private Me Time. I do enjoy my Me Time quite regularly because I don't function without it. And that is why I thought todays blogpost should be about what I do when I have some time for myself.

  • Lieblingsessen // comfort food
  • Handy aus // switching out my phone
  • Musik laut // putting on music loud
  • Nägel lackieren // painting my nails
  • Lieblingsfilm und/ oder -serie gucken (bevorzugt Pocahontas oder Sex and the City) // watching my favorite movie and/ or tv show (preferably Pocahontas or Sex and the City)
  • Youtube gucken // watching some Youtube
  • in die Badewanne gehen // taking a bath
  • Tee! // tea!
  • früh schlafen gehen // go to bed early
  • ein Buch lesen // reading a book
  • die neue Woche planen // planning for the new week

Natürlich passt nicht immer alles in einmal Me-Time. Aber das sind so meine Lieblingsbeschäftigungen, wenn ich von der Welt abschalten will.

Of course I can't do everything during one Me Time. But these are some of the things I love to do when I want to switch off from the world.

Was machst du in deiner Me-Time? // What do you do when you are having our Me Time?

Bis Bald //See you soon,


Lime Crime // Black Friday Haul

Hallo meine Lieben,

wir haben alle dieses eine Produkt, dass wir jahrelang im Internet anschmachten und doch nie kaufen, oder? Als bekennender Beauty-Junkie konnte das bei mir natürlich nur Make up sein. Ich erinnere mich noch, als ich das erste Mal von Lime Crime auf Instagram hörte. Was schmachtete ich diese Velvetines (LC's Art von Liquid Lipstick) an. Wochenlang, 24/7. Die Farbe Cashmere hatte es mir besonders angetan. Zusammen mit der Venus Palette. Aber zum damaligen Zeitpunkt war Lime Crime nur über den Onlineshop aus Amerika verfügbar. Und ich hab mich nicht getraut zu bestellen, weil ich das mit den Einfuhrsteuern etc. nicht einschätzen konnte. Nun.. die Zurückhaltung hat nicht allzu lange gehalten. Heute ist es für mich nichts besonderes mehr in Amerika zu bestellen. Den Dreh mit dem Zoll hab ich raus.

Also.. als es dann langsam Richtung Black Friday zuging, war ich natürlich mächtig aufgeregt. Ich hatte mir den ganzen Monat über überlegt, in welchen Shops ich was bestellen wollte. Nur Lime Crime gehörte eigentlich nicht dazu. Mittlerweile gibt es die Velvetines auch bei Asos, sodass ich da ja jederzeit rankam. Aber wie das manchmal so mit den Sportankäufen ist (und Asos hatte eine -20% Aktion), hab ich dann doch spontan 3 Velvetines gekauft: Cashmere, Faded und Buffy. Die Venus Palette hab ich übrigens immer noch nicht.

Hello Lovelies,

don't we all have this one product we admire from afar but never buy? As a well known beauty junkie this could only be make up for me. I very well remember when I first heard from Lime Crime on instagram. Oh how did I admire those velvetines (LC's liquid lipsticks). For weeks I wouldn't stop. The color Cashmere caught my eye. And the Venus palette. But at that time LC was only available through their online shop in America. And I didn't wanted to order from the US because I barely knew anything about import duties. Well.. nowadays I feel completely comfortable ordering from the US because I got the hang with the import taxes.

So.. as Black Friday came nearer I thought long and prosper about where I wanted to order what from. But Lime Crime wasn't actually planned. Meanwhile Asos did have the velvetines in stock so that they are available at all times. But sometime you gotta be spontaneous, right? And Asos had 20% off. So I basically had to buy them, right? I bought 3 shades: Cashmere, Faded and Buffy. But I still don't own the Venus Palette. 

Cashmere wird als greige - Mischung aus beige und grau - bezeichnet. Leider habe ich nach der Farbe noch nicht im Alltag gegriffen. // is a greige - mix of beige and grey. Unfortunately I didn't reach for it yet.

Fade  ein mauve. Ziemlich angesagte Lippenfarbe momentan und ich greife ziemlich oft nach dieser Farbe // is a mauve. I reach for it the most out of the three.

Buffy ein ziemlich helles warmes braun. Auf dem ersten Blick war es Exposed von Kylie Cosmetic ziemlich ähnlich, aber Exposed is deutlich oranger (siehe swatch unten). // a light warm brown. From the first swatch I thought it is quite similar to Exposed from Kylie Cosmetics but Exposed clearly is more orange (see swatch below).

Würde ich die Velvetines empfehlen? Definitiv! Sie haben eine leichte Textur und sind total leicht auf den Lippen. Sie verschmieren auch überhaupt nicht. Essen und Trinken halten sie problemlos stand. Ich persönliche trage nach dem Mittag trotzdem noch eine zweite Schicht auf. Nicht das es nötig wäre, aber ich mag den 'frisch auf den Lippen'-Look.

Would I recommend the velvetines? Absolutely! They are light in texture and feel like nothing on the lips. They don't smear at all. Even eating and drinking doesn't destroy them. Never mind I do always reapply after lunch. But this is just because I prefer the 'I just applied it'-look.

In der Zwischenzeit habe ich noch einen weiteren Velvetine gekauft, der sich nach nur einmal tragen zu meinem absoluten Liebling gemausert hat. Den werde ich allerdings im Januar Haul zeigen.

Meanwhile I bought another Velvetine who turned out to be my all time favorite (velvetine) after wearing it once. But that one I'll show you in my January Haul.

Habt ihr Lime Crime Produkte? Welche sind eure Favoriten? // Do you own Lime Crime products? Which ones are your favorites?

Bis bald // see you,


Travel Bucket List 2017

Hallo ihr Lieben,

nun ist die erste Woche im neuen Jahr schon wieder um. Auch wenn ich mir eigentlich nie Vorsätze vornehme, habe ich doch immer Sachen, die ich ändern möchte oder aber, die ich im neuen Jahr unbedingt erleben will. Und weil wir alle mehr in Erlebnisse investieren sollten als in Materielles, wollte ich euch heute meine Travel Bucket List 2017 vorstellen. Hier werdet ihr Städtetrips, aber auch einen Tagesausflug finden.

Hello lovelies,

the first week of 2017 is over. And even though I don't like new years resolution there are some things I like to change or I like to experience. And as I would like to rather invest in memories than materialistic things, I'd like to share my travel bucket list 2017 which also includes a day trip.

1) Amsterdam

Meine Mama und ich fahren jedes Jahr zusammen in Urlaub. Dieses Jahr haben wir uns Amsterdam ausgesucht. Da wollten wir schon vor 2 Jahren hin, aber das leben passierte und wir mussten es verschieben.

My mum and me always go on holiday together. This year we're going to Amsterdam. We actually planned this trip two years ago already but as life happened we had to shift it.

source: lonelyplanet.com 

2) Aladdin (Musical)

Seitdem dieses Musical in Hamburg ist, will ich dahin. Glücklicherweise habe ich die Karten dieses Jahr zu Weihnachten bekommen und darf es im Mai nun endlich sehen.

Ever since the musical came to Hamburg I wanted to see it. Fortunately I got the tickets for christmas and can now finally see it in may.

source: pinterest (but I guess stage.de too)

3) London Tattoo Convention

Seit Jahren will ich mal auf diese Convention, da es für mich als Tattoofan ein absolutes Muss ist! Vor 2 Jahren hatte ich sogar schon ein Hotel und das Tagesticket. Aus privaten Gründen musste ich das dann aber leider absagen. Vielleicht klappt es ja dieses Jahr endlich.

For years I want to visit this convention as it is a must for me as a tattoo fan! 2 years ago I actually already booked a hotel and bought the ticket but had to cancel due to personal reasons. I maybe and hopefully will be able to attend this year.

source: londontattooconventio.com

4) Disneyland Paris zu Halloween / Disneyland Paris at Halloween

Ich liebe Disneyland. Und ich liebe die Halloweenzeit. Dieses Jahr feiert DLP seinen 25. Geburtstag und meine beste Freundin und ich, fliegen hin. Der Flug ist bereits gebucht, das Hotel folgt nächsten Monat. Ich liebe das DLP sehr, muss aber auch zugeben, dass ich danach eine Pause davon brauche, da es doch sehr preisintensiv ist.

I love Disneyland. And I love halloween. This year DLP celebrates its 25th birthday and my bestie and me will be there to celebrate. The flights are already booked and the hotel will follow next month. I love DLP. A lot but I have to confess that I'll need a break after that trip as it is quite expensive.

source: dedicatedtodlp.com

Ich weiß, das sind nicht viele Punkte. Aber ich dachte, lieber wenige, die ich dann auch wirklich abhaken kann. Im Laufe des Jahres kommen bestimmt noch ein paar Sachen dazu. Gerade wenn ich dann in Amsterdam bin, steht Efteling z.B. ganz weit oben auf unserer Wunschliste.

Wo wollt ihr dieses Jahr so hin? Habt ihr euren Urlaub schon geplant? Oder habt ihr bestimmte Tagesausflüge, die ihr gerne machen wollt?

I know it is not a lot. But I rather have less city/ trips that I can actually visit. Though the list will probably get longer as the year progresses. Especially when we are in Amsterdam Efteling is pretty high on my list.

What is your travel bucket list? Did you already booked your holidays? Or did you plan certain day trips?

Bis demnächst/ see you,


Wunschliste 2017 // Wishlist 2017

Hallo ihr Lieben,

das Jahr nähert sich dem Ende und weil ich keine Jahres Favoriten machen wollte, poste ich lieber meine Wunschliste für das Jahr 2017. Seit vorgewarnt: es geht um Materielles. Also nichts mit 'die große Liebe finden' oder der gleichen.

Hello lovelies,

the year is coming to an end and as I don't want to write a blogpost about my 2016 favorites, I thought I'll post my wishlist for 2017 instead. But be warned: it is about materialistic stuff. So nothing 'finding my big love' or stuff.

Make up

Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner in Pillow Talk (source: charlottetilbury.com)
DIOR Rouge Dior Matte Lippenstift in Poison (source: douglas.de)

Kat von D Pastel Goth Palette (source: allure.com)

 Klamotten / clothes

Poncho schwarz// black (source: zalando.de)

hoch geschnittene Stoffhose/ highwaisted trousers (source: zalando.de)


Chanel Kartenetui / Chanel cardholder (source: polyvore.com)
Saint Laurent klassische Bowlingtasche (source: ysl.com)
Tiffany Return to Tiffany Herzohrringe/ Tiffany Return to Tiffany heart earstuds (source: tiffany.de)

Wohnung/ Interior

großen Spiegel/ big mirror (source: eBay.de)

So meine Lieben, das wars auch schon mit meiner Wunschliste. Einige Dinge sind gut machbar wie z.B. der Spiegel oder auch die Klamotten. Die Designer Lederwaren sind wahrscheinlich eher Träumerei, aber man soll ja träumen, nicht war? ;-) Und wer weiß, vielleicht stell ich mich dieses Jahr beim Sparen ja besser an als die ganzen Jahren zuvor :D

So my dear.. that's it. There are things on my wishlist I'll probably buy pretty soon as the mirror or the clothes. The Designer bag and cardholder might be a dream, but as you are supposed to keep on dreaming ;-) But who knows? I might be better at saving this year :D

Dann hoffe ich, ihr seid gut ins neue Jahr gekommen und habt keinen allzu großen Kater :)

I hope you had a fantastic New Years and you are not as hungover :)

Bis demnächst,

See you,